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Upon deciding we wanted to add a great dane to our family, I did a lot of research. In my search, I found a gorgeous blue dog AM/INT CH Della's Lucky Luciano v. KRW CGC who was to sire a breeding by Ocean Blue Danes (Jennifer Hester) and KRW ABW Danes(Kelly Weidner & Wendy Kellenberger). Those pups were all reserved but fortunately that Kelly had a litter whelping soon. We visited Kelly to meet not only her but also to meet her pack. I had never owned a great dane and wanted to familiarize myself with the massive size to make sure it was a good fit for us. Growing up, we had always had large breed dogs but danes are a giant breed. Of course, Andy and I loved her pack; each one with his/her own personality.

Then the puppies arrived, I remember the moment we met Kona who would later become Int CH KRW ABW Lady Luck GCGA. We were truly blessed to be able to visit the litter when they were young. Kelly scooped up a little black baby and handed her to me. I held her up to me and she curled around my neck. To this day, she will wrap her head around our necks as if to hug us.

We didn't know the day we met her that Kona would be ours. Kelly was still evaluating temperaments and matching pups to appropriate homes. We had three children in our home at the time and that is an important consideration. Kelly decided that precious Kona would be our newest family member. That decision was one which would change our lives forever - truly a blessing.

I couldn't sleep the night before we picked her up in sheer anticipation. She climbed up the gate to see Andy when he walked over her as if she knew we were her people. She is just a love. I remember Kelly saying to Andy as we were about to leave, “She(meaning me) will never be the same” ...and I haven't. We haven't!

A great dane brings a joy to your life. They are like a canine person full of feelings and silly antics.

When we brought Kona into our lives, we never anticipated showing her. My exposure to animal shows was limited to many years of showing sheep in 4-H growing up. That was until she visited Kelly one weekend while we were away. Kelly took her along to a show and Kona revealed herself to be quite the little strutter. She loves to be out at shows and to see everyone. Kona is loving and loyal and extremely intelligent. She loves everyone she meets but admittedly is a bit of a Momma's girl.

We stayed in touch with Kelly and were so excited when she shared news of an upcoming breeding of KRW Valentino Rossi( Kona's sire) & KRW ABW Uptown Girl(Noel). We had grown very fond of Rossi and Noel during our visits and enjoyed the photos of their beautiful litter. At three weeks, Kelly posted pictured of a baby blue chunk who later became KRW ABW High Roller aka Rex. He was and is a gorgeous blue hunk . He is layed back and mellow. He is a lovebug and loves to snuggle our lie on this back inviting belly rubs and cheek kisses.

These two have given us constant love and companionship. We are honored to have them in our home and blessed to enjoy spending time with them in training classes and showing together.

As a wonderful tribute to our beginning, our first litter from Kona was sired by AM/INT CH Della's Lucky Luciano v. KRW CGC, the very dog who drew us to danes in the beginning. 

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